A Stitch in Time

stitch in time

A Stitch in Time

While you navigate your way through life,
make the most of your trip. Don’t linger
too long in one place. Wander around, you
pioneering spirit. A number of options will make
themselves known. Free your adventurous, wild side
any way you can imagine. From time to time, change
is scary. Adapt. Choose to experience, to touch
the flame of your emotions. Travel. Explore. Share
your story. Gaze back into your past and discover
all that the halls and rooms of history have to offer,
like time travel. On the road shaped by the past, built
by many stories, investigate. Be on the lookout
for: things that slice through darkness, that feel at home
in your heart, treasures with a twist, reflections
of how time is a gift. Strange, how echoes of the past
tell us about the present, and the future comes alive.

. . . . .

Poet: Amanda Papenfus

Sources: Gilbert Historical Museum and
Phoenix Arizona Paranormal Society (PAPS)

Process: Excerpt and Remix

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