We need more poets

We need more poets

So step up soon today,
save us from rhetoric.

Hatred cannot lead us;
this vote is too surreal.

The electoral college fails us.
Our betrayal: real, not false.

There’s a dividing of the way.
But what is the middle way?

Who will govern in harmony?
Who will still follow willingly?

Can so many voters be wrong?
Can all others remain strong?

Who will give us voice?
Who will sing our song?

Who will remember us
long after we are gone:

jailed, banished, deported;
nailed, famished, reported.

Where is the real in reality?
Who has blurred the lines?

Those who ignore history
are those who recreate it.

May all re-awaken now:
help us re-find the way.

. . . . .

Poet: Susan Powers Bourne

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