19 | Introducing Meaning

At first glance,

the meanings of culture

seem self-evident.

On closer examination,

they can become

quite complex.

We weave new meaning

using time-tested symbols

as ways to shift thinking.

The greatest hope is

to escape eternal life, unite

with universal spirit —

above both meaning

and meaninglessness

found among people.

Open doors must speak

much more than just mechanics:

they have to show context.

And since we cannot require

any or all particular doors to open,

we must find appropriate

requirements, overlooked

so often like magnificent treasures

hidden in plain sight.

Blessings of the rising sun,

clean hands, double rainbows:

everything becomes sanctified.

Blake said: in between, there are

doors in the ajar, in liminal places

and people — in errors along

margin notes, frayed edges —

where we open to each other,

when we choose to play.

I say: no longer locked behind

closed doors, windows wide open,

we dance the night away.

. . . . .

Susan Powers Bourne

Found poem sourced from first lines

of Google search: “open doors”

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