26 | Backyard Ashes

Wood ash is best known,

found in campfires and fireplaces;

the solid remains of fires,

residues of complete combustion;

dark-colored ashes hold

higher concentrates of charcoal.

In addition to common

wood ash, other types of ashes:

cigar ash, cremains —

fly ash, incinerator-bottom ash.

Funeral pyres generate

vibhuti, sacred ash used in rituals.

Volcanic ashes plume

and disperse during an eruption.

Cinereous connotes

anything ash-colored or ash-like.

Baby blankets turn

cinereous in barrel incinerators.

My blinkie flared away

pink, before it too turned to ash.

Yes, a child may chant —

and offer uncertain sacrifices.

Good-bye, childhood:

Ashes, ashes; we all fall down.

. . . . .

Susan Powers Bourne

Augmented pick-mix sourced from:



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