30 | Good-bye, Starry Dragonfire

Good-bye to ancient cityscapes

lost in today’s burdens.

Good-bye endless foundations,

honeymoon balloons.

Good-bye philosophers asleep

in smoke-filled rooms.

Good-bye to fancy graveyards,

their leaves of grass.

Good-bye native sweethearts

on the sunrise slope.

Good-bye to soldiers who sing

collected war-songs.

Good-bye crescent evenings,

bandy-legged men.

Good-bye Dewey decimals —

just good-bye to you.

Good-bye honey, guilt’s movin’

on, like bygone days.

Mother earth waves good-bye

to Mister Chips et al.

We’ll reread words written well

before our good-byes.

Thus, with sentient emotion,

here is my good-bye —

This poet’s hip-hip-hurrah —

wink-wink, and smile.

Goodbye lovelies: like all good

poet-citizens, write on.

. . . . .

Susan Powers Bourne


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