Through the River: Along the Coast

Akerman’s Cove

The little children’s
summer days.

Nothing but leaves,
rain and wind.

Lean figures of time
weary waiting.

. . . . .

Almy’s Box Bay

The flowers of early spring:
one absent brother missing
quiet moments of affliction
and still, the world goes on.

. . . . .

Star-Flowers: Back to the Garden

Ballad of the boats left behind:
grandfathers’ memories.

One possession: a home valley
out in their wilderness.

Night visits of unseen angels
amidst lions, thrushes.

A song for sorrowful women,
myself among them.

. . . . .

Brooks’ Even-Song

Mother’s love-song
on the river.

Endless battles in
the fields.

Fragment regrets

Under the daisies
his coffin.

What might yet
still decay.

Summer dirges:
vestal bells.

. . . . .


H. D. Quartet

Doolittle’s explorations:
Imagist pamphlets.

Hermione’s sea garden:
hermetic definitions.

Amidst Helen’s history:
curious, perilous.

Bid me to live:
vale ave.

. . . . .

Ellery’s Nocturne

Pity awards wings
to meterologists —
then come the sad years.

. . . . .

Susan Powers Bourne
Found poetry sourced from

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