quiet ladies
future poets
if you’ll listen

not poppycock
elegy’s excuses

burning torches
peculiar profiles
opposing houses

sweetwater, bitter
dancing the bones
improbable bottles

livelihood of crows
secure the shadows
command the stars

haunting hair shirts
sacred-space images
forms of intercession

bewildered families
Ota Benga in a cage
homesteads in chains

notes of American lyres
under my mother’s roof
guides to Old Dominion

latest wife figure studies
lyrical: forever is too long
time’s unmarked gardens

big brother, littler sisters
other spiritual adventures
changelings, flocks of birds

dust and flames whispering
some things just go together
snippets gather in the seasons

candles on the sill: two negatives
latent leisure’s re-captivated voice
ordinary words inside new galaxies

grey storm books faded, reframed
when the wind stops over and over
days going out, nights coming back

ignorant impatience no longer reigns
everything glistens — everything sings
Virginia must transform herself, again

. . . . .


*Honoring Heather Heyer and All
Found poetry by Susan Powers Bourne
Source: | Women.Poets.Virginia



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