women.born.alive | 02.28

28 feb 1797 Mary Mason Lyon
Mary Mason Lyon (28 feb 1797 – 05 mar 1849 | Buckland MA – South Hadley MA) chemist, education activist, founded Wheaton Female Seminary (later Wheaton College), founded Mount Holyoke Female Seminary (later renamed Mount Holyoke College) | women.born.alive © susan.powers.bourne
28 feb 1808 Sybil Jones Jones
Sybil Jones Jones (28 feb 1808 – 04 dec 1873 | Brunswick ME – Dirigo Corner ME) Quaker minister, foreign missionary | women.born.alive © susan.powers.bourne
28 feb 1828 Cynthia Hicks Van Name Leonard
Cynthia Hicks Van Name Leonard (28 feb 1828 – 10 apr 1908 | Buffalo NY – Rutherford NJ) writer, aid worker, suffragist, spiritualist, social reformer, first female NYC mayoral candidate, founded first IA soldiers home, founded IL Good Samaritan Society, created women’s homeless shelters, advocated women prison guards for women | women.born.alive © susan.powers.bourne

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