Day: April 4, 2018


In the maintenance of life systems, defragmenting is a process that reduces the amount of fragmentation that may have occurred during spiritual, emotional, and/or intellectual development. It does this by organizing contents of storage bodies used to store life files in the smallest number of fragments and/or fragmented memories. The process of defragmenting also frees up inner spaces and helps impede the return or recreation of new and/or old fragments. Defragmenting is advantageous and relevant to life systems.


Origin: Middle English, from Old English ān (“one, a, lone, sole”). The “n” was gradually lost before consonants in almost all dialects by the 15th century.
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 A, a noun pl. A’sa’s
  1. the first letter of the English alphabet: from the Greek alpha
  2. any speech sounds that this letter represents, as, in English, the vowel (a)
  3. a type or impression for a or A
  4. the first in a sequence or group

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A | a blood type (positive or negative)

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grade indicating excellence (A+, A, A-)

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a- in, into, on, at to: act or state of: asleep, a-crying, a-wishing, a-borning

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Origin of word life: Middle English from Old English l?f, akin to Old Norse líf, life, German leib, body from Indo-European base an unverified form leibh-, to live.
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life | noun pl. lives

  1. that property or quality of plants and animals that distinguishes them from inorganic matter or dead organisms; specif., the cellular biochemical activity or processes of an organism, as the ingestion of nutrients, the storage and use of energy, the excretion of wastes, growth, reproduction, etc.
  2. this activity, or the state of possessing this property: brought back to life
  3. a living being, esp. a human being: the lives lost in wars
  4. living things collectively, often of a specified kind: plant life
  5. the time a person or thing is alive or exists, or a specific portion of such time: his early life
  6. a sentence of imprisonment for the rest of one’s life
  7. one’s manner of living: life of ease
  8. the activities of a given time or in a given setting, and the people who take part in them: military life
  9. lives considered together as belonging to a certain class or type: high life
    1. an individual’s animate existence
    2. an account of this; biography
    3. a specific aspect of an individual’s activities: her love life
  10. the existence of the soul: eternal life
  11. something essential to the continued existence of something else: freedom of speech is the life of democracy
  12. the source of vigor or liveliness: the life of the party
  13. vigor; liveliness; animation; vivacity
  14. the period of flourishing, usefulness, etc.; period during which anything lasts: fads have a short life
  15. another chance
    1. a lifelike quality or appearance
    2. representation from living models: a class in life