Month: January 2019


Patriarchy is historically and pathetically self-interested. If you’re for it, you might want to question your own interests. The balance of the masculine and the feminine — in each of us — is paramount to all — personally and planetarily. May the Light in all of us reign supreme in its exquisite sense of balance and harmony. When matriarchy and patriarchy are in balance with one another, we’ll talk again. I look forward to those conversations.

26 jan 2019

For the first time today, writing a piece of found poetry from the events and celebrations of the day, I found myself (ha!) hesitant to include the word ‘Islam’ even though it was one of the day’s words. I did not want to become a target. This is the first instance of such temerity on my part — and I wonder at it. Methinks I need to re-embrace fearlessness. –spb