Month: April 2019


Never underestimate a woman who [was] suffering — who seems to [have made] risky choices. She [was] deep in [her] lesson[s]. She [has visted] the underground. She [was] making sense of life in some invisible way[s]. [De]fragmentation of her life [can] be a precursor to new a resurgence [which may] stun you with [her] truth. – Adapted from quote by Sukhvinder Sircar in Joyous Woman | Embracing the Divine Feminine

Our Mother

My continued and continuous heartfelt pleas for actions and donations that will help those who need it the most. Seems the same wealthy families will fund Notre Dame’s restoration, putting buildings before bodies, as they have for hundreds of years. It doesn’t have to be either/or — bodies or buildings — though it usually is with the top 1%-5%. Otherwise, children everywhere, people in Puerto Rico, those held on the US-Mexican border, Asian / African / European immigrants, as well as victims of human trafficking would all, by now, be housed, fed, protected, and educated. May it be so — sooner rather than later.


I’ve been knitting for more than half a century, beginning when I was about five, sitting in the rocking chair in my grandmother’s kitchen in the Northeast Kingdom. I’m most definitely a process knitter — and have been knitting as a spiritual practice for several decades now — though from time to time I knit hats for charity. I look forward to learning more about knitting as mindful practice — and to sharing this practice and process with other like-minded knitters.