Susan Powers Bourne works creatively with words and images
in the lovely village of Chester, Vermont in New England USA.
Bits and pieces of her fledgling memoir — Settling for Essential:
Defragmenting a Life — have begun to appear here at this site:
http://susanpowersbourne.net. Varieties of Ms. Bourne’s other
creative explorations may be found at these WordPress blogs:
FoundArtWorks, FoundPoetryWorks, FreeVerseWorks, as well
as the creative herstorical review blogsite WomenBornAlive.

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  1. Have just found your fascinating site. In October I will talk about Cornelia Hancock with my quilt history study group – this year is focused on women of the Civil War and the critical role they played. May I have permission to include your links regarding Cornelia? Your composition of young Cornelia and of her in later life surrounded by quilt blocks is so appropriate. Thank you so much.


    1. Hello Patricia:

      Thank you for your inquiry — and so glad you’ve discovered my site! I hope you’ll share this as a resource with others interested in discovering the vast and varied herstory of North American women. There are so many women’s lives and works to enjoy and learn about, aren’t there?

      Yes, you have permission to share my femmage and links about Cornelia Hancock in your presentation — including clear attribution and permalink back to the page on this site where the updated femmage will appear in Feb 2018. I’ll send that image and info along to you within a separate email.

      And I’m fascinated by your research into quilt history and, this year, the many roles women played in the American Civil War. Women’s quilts and quilting were so vital and pivotal during those times, as I’m sure you already know so well. Have a wonderful presentation!

      Susan Powers Bourne


    1. hello AE — yes, I am daily updating women.born.today…. what is your birth date and place so I may add you in with other creative women? thanks for being in touch… and I hope you find this site a valuable source. –spb


      1. Thanks for your response. The poet’s birth date is not released for publication. All available biographical data appears at the two websites mentioned above. Your index of CA Women Poets is, indeed, a fine resource. Thank you for compiling it. Kind regards,


  2. Hi Susan, can you help me locate a photo/image of Anna T. Jeanes for an exhibit on Rosenwald Schools. The photo has to be scanned @600dpi for the exhibit. Please contact me at cheryljay7351@aol.com. Hers is the only image we can’t find.


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