AL | Cocke’s Creed

Alabama Sunrise

Cocke’s Creed, or Sunrise in Alabama

Canebrake, wood violet, pomegranates
— gifts of life: lovemaking in the hay,
making May with the gods of Hellas.

Love and laurel, comfort of the pines
April Fool’s homesick mockingbird
–the dead mother’s June lullaby.

August songs of Mississippi times
two maidens ministering to spirit
–solace, the dying never weep.

An unknown rainy day circumstance
by the bleacher’s old threshing floor
–ancient manuscripts for love’s sake.

My Marguerite, a wild rose by the sea
dethroned by jay bird, hermit thrush —
Arcady, the idle boy’s responsibility.

When Polly takes the air Easter morn
‘cross tides, flowers, babbling brooks
–my great-great uncle’s wife’s away.

Remains of crumbling castles locked
away in old cabinets – yet still her name
my sonnet, waiting by the lonely shore.

. . . . .

Poet: Susan Powers Bourne
Source: The Doric Reed by Zitella Cocke
Process: Cento, slightly remixed