AR | Uncertain Prayers


Uncertain Prayers

The poet wife and husband now call home
a hill-perched house set in Eureka Springs.

‘So we must build again living citadels —
of faith, love, prayer, and angelic mirth.’

More than most Kaleidograph contributors,
Githens attacks poets like Robert Frost —

as ‘overrated’ and ‘boring.’ There is just no
room for them in the inn. They must now

go out quickly into the streets — seeking
to find the Conductor and the Brakeman.

‘Along the road, clear calls run certainties
of skies turned ever-brighter with summers,

like soft talismans of faith heard in the heart,
at night!’ No Nazi censors can stop her now.

Githens writes on with surer mind and hand
— till no splendors perish from her Arkansas.

. . . . .

Poet: Susan Powers Bourne
Source: Beverly Githens websearch
Process: Pick and mix first lines