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Photos, Found

Portrait of child Bird.

Large crowd at night,
shop facades visible.

Portrait of baby Green.

Bush woodcutters,
tents in background.

Portrait of girl Beilken.

People sit and read,
open summer verandah.

Portrait of Bather Barger.

Official crowd on stage,
interior view Town Hall.

Portrait of baby Quom.

Reading Room, maps
and pictures on the walls.

Portrait of woman Quirke.

Mechanics’ Games Room,
one table oval-shaped.

Portrait of two Chelkevicks.

Old man and woman,
outside Townsend House.

Portrait of Deacon Collick.

Crowd of men, oil
heaters hanging from roof.

Portrait of children Brown.

Boulder tailings elevator,
ten ore cars waiting.

Portrait of boy Boyland.

Railway dining car,
tables set with chairs.

Portrait of child Bovell.

Exterior display windows,
Grand Opening Sale.

Portrait of man Bach.

Nurse Egan’s Hospital,
electric supply wires visible.

Portrait of children Brewis.

Farmers and their horses,
outside the stables.

Portrait of family Wilkie.

Elder Masonic, full
dress medals and sword.

Portrait of baby Creed.

House and garden areas,
pinnacles appearing.

Portrait of girl Murn.

Dwyer and Mackay, photos
and portraits taken.

. . . . .

Poet: Susan Powers Bourne
Source: Dwyer and Mackay Online Collections
Process: Captions, pick and mix.