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The Ugly Woman Competition

Lois broke the silence with her book
Julia was an American-Aboriginal child
Jessie was a Scottish-Aboriginal daughter

Johanna Catherine won

Eva was reported as a Woman’s Sudden Death
Mary descended from the English and Aboriginal
Lila became the first woman to serve on the Board

Janet Janine was runner-up

Eileen Annie was transported to Perth for treatment
Dorothy was described simply as a charming woman
Frances Marie was living with her husband for a time

Emily Eileen came in third

Hazel Irene had an autopsy of her remains and an inquest
Ann had 29 children born in the first 31 years of married life
Beatrice Frances had not enjoyed the best of health for years

Mary Jane came in fourth

Sarah was the first non-indigenous woman to live in Carnamah
Edith was the unfortunate and perturbed woman who collapsed
Clarice Joy had been seen in a paddock several miles out of town

Louisa Marianne came in fifth

Janine was a strong family woman who placed her family above all
May Isabella was described as a very attractive woman full of vitality
Margaret overheard a woman say once her elder sister was held back

Annie Winifred came in sixth

Mavis Adelaide and Mary Mercy also had American-Aboriginal parents
Elva Irene died as a young married woman of nineteen, the coroner said
Agnes was refused the right to buy a farm even though it was her money

Olive May came in seventh

Winifred was just the second woman to settle with six children and a tutor
Kate was the only woman in the district while pregnant with her third child
Emily was a remarkable woman, a successful organizer, and a model hostess

Ada Sarah came in eighth

Nancy Mavis appears to have been the local press-woman for the newspaper
Edith Maude was a woman greatly beloved by the early settlers in the district
Amelia Helene inherited both estates, speculated as the richest woman in WA

Cora May came in ninth

Bessie Cecelia Teresa Claire stirred regret ‘as a capable woman is always an acquisition’
Dulcie Martha knew all women and children would be evacuated to unknown locations
Lila took the bold step of nominating for council despite no woman ever having done so

Mary Carmen placed tenth

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Poet: Susan Powers Bourne
Source: Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs
Process: First line pick and remix