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Great Western Woodlands | image © Jennie Stock
Great Western Woodlands | image © Jennie Stock |

What Is Great

The largest temperate woodland

expanse still intact on earth;

a continuous band about the size

of England; a rich tapestry of mallee,

shrublands, and woodlands extends

across a wide ancient landscape —

flat valleys and variegated ridges

connecting to inland deserts;

refuge for unique, threatened species

found nowhere else on earth;

Aboriginal presence for 22,000 years;

human survival — even prosperity —

in a broad landscape challenging most

resourceful, indigenous ways of life;

tens of thousands of years —

tales of discovery by early explorers,

colossal Kalgoorlie gold rushes, the stuff

of modern and ancient mythologies —

the Great Western Woodlands holds

it all in its natural, expansive embrace.

. . . . .

Poet: Susan Powers Bourne
Source: NatureMap
Process: White out, pick and mix