CA | ink stains

ink stains

elementary elegies
consider their hands:
writing these letters

greedy confessions
existing every night:
take-home trainees

telephonic concertos
metaphysical blows:
no soundless sounds

minds still teething
old kingdom rhetoric:
chanting, changing

alone in our thoughts
consonance derails us:
extremes must meet

most difficult beauties
listening to winter suns:
hunter’s moon refrains

restoring turn signals
promotes world peace:
working poets observe

pieces of shrouded fabric
sewn to scraps of paper:
a way of mapping routes

when we say space exists
we mean we are people:
uncovered missing links

counting culled responses
we share museums of rain:
seventeen caves of poems

. . . . .

Poet: Susan Powers Bourne
Process: Pick, mix, and add