CA | recultivation


idiot idiosyncrasies
text imminent danger
now open all hours

unconscious fans fill
ambient parking lots
paved privacy listens

Venus voyages over
thirsty mother church
reseeds ancient arts

august moon houses
fire ever-finer frenzies
one day on to the next

old wishbone china sets
align lovely little houses
just beneath the surface

along broader margins
abient women warriors
awaken in deeper rivers

shedding wet silences
they beckon awareness
far beyond impossible

fading-dark overlords
pour out stolen water
onto yet-untilled fields

then hungriest women
chant heroes and saints
plant circles in the dirt

their lines, often cursive
remove starvation verses
inside mud-seeded rows

. . . . .

Poet: Susan Powers Bourne
Process: Pick and mix and add