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04 Ongoing Word Games

Ongoing, Word Games

Playing with language continues
since ancient times —
riddles, puns, double entendres.

Contemporaries still host
boxed games with words, sentences,
alphabetic letters – well-known

and well-used. Click on a page
to learn more specifics
about a particular game or group

of games for certain audiences:
adults, children, travelers, players
with limitations and the like.

Alphie’s Anagrams, Got a Minute,
Make a Word, Language Lingo,
Lexicon Logomachy, Quip Qubes,

Password RSVP, Scrabbage, Scrabble
Sentence Sensor, Spill and Spell,
Wheel of Word for Word – Word.

. . . . .

Poet: Susan Powers Bourne
Source: Games Museum: Word Games
Process: Redact, remix, montage