CAN | Another Northern Winter Wonderland Defined

AVA 20 Another Northern Winter Wonderland

Another Northern Winter Wonderland Defined

Winter Storm Warning: 12 to 14 hours ahead
Winter Storm Watch: 48 to 60 hours in advance

Arctic Outflow: minus 4° F for at least six hours
Extreme Cold: minus 22° – 68° F three hours plus

Blizzard: high winds, low visibility, deep wind chills
Blowing Snow: low visibilities for significant durations

Snowfall: 2 to 10 inches likely to fall within 24 hours
Snowsquall: zero visibility, 6+ inches within 12 hours

Storm Surge: when high waves may flood coastal areas
Freezing Spray: moderate or heavy ship icing expected

Freezing Drizzle: ground, or objects at or near surfaces, freeze
Freezing Rain: thick ice may damage trees, wires, or electricity

Not all conditions occur in each place across Canadian lands
Not all winter watches, warnings, or advisories are provided

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Poet: Susan Powers Bourne
Source: Harrowsmith Now Advent
and severe weather terms (Canada)
Process: Pick, mix, and remix