CO | Hey, Folly


Hey, Folly

March and mad women
let nothing be lost

In pursuit of the family
blackbirds dance

Within/without mysteries
in the empire of love

Uprising ink for an odd
cartography away

When words evade us
double exposures

Passion plays tattooed
women waiting

Like fish nobody knew
as soiled doves

White bears reflecting
An epithalamion

One hundred equivocal
notes on violence

Ancient human diaries
Think tank rags

Unwanted waking skills
blazing mornings

Overdoses, open ranges
in India, in Madrid

The highest cost of living
tasting the apple

Bards torn from insomnia
distribute literature

Women sprouted wings
going home again

. . . . .

Poet: Susan Powers Bourne
Sources: Colorado Women Poets
Process: Pick and mix cento