CT | composites

ct landscape


the white eyelash — dailies and thrushes
ordering love — lines scribbled on an envelope
weather of the heart – crying like a bell

opulent rage — hunger toward anguish
forlorn Avalon – home place helps hindrances
fields of praise – sweethearts’ rhythms

fortune’s bones – mama’s promises
freedom business — partial truth for bodies
Magnificat – Connecticut landscapes

olive buds – letters to young ladies
moral pieces — prose with sketches in verse
pleasant lands — precise memories

how we grow – thirty-three umbrellas
salted memory – how to live on bead music
make armor – comfort happy people

ghosts’ red hats — pastoral snow days
forsaken favorites — stained glass departures
fables of self — each life shines separate

. . . . .

Poet: Susan Powers Bourne
Sources: Titles from Kinsolving, L’Engle, McGrath,
Miller, Nelson, Sigourney, Sweeney, and Warren
Process: Pick and mix cento