DC | Adieu, Namaste


Adieu, Namaste

If you want to live forever, witness trees
— then construct harmless memories.

Feel the fullness of moons on K Street –
find whoever favors animal magnetism.

Fiddle with seedlings in the backyard —
remove weeds from the rooftops of time.

Fly flags outside parallel wishbone galaxies
— watch small lips smack cracked calabash.

Transfigure old resignations into histories
— written, spoken words sorted by district.

Fill unborn baskets — let Altamira apples
arise as oranges in your ears like a field.

Navigate distilled, intimate explorations
— break alphabets into twenty-six parts.

After not having written for a long while,
transform long-lost elegies into avenues.

Recall remnants left by itinerant poets —
refine the arts and sciences of goodbye.

. . . . .

Poet: Susan Powers Bourne
Source: Works by DC poets Henderson,
Maley, Pegram, Roberts, Sklarew, Thorson
Process: Pick and mix cento