GA | Georgia Meteors

Georgia's Meteors

Georgia Meteors

Head games and Simon says
what came before

After this we go dark, darker
color of lost rooms

Spring onions and cornbread
the lives of saints

Sexual tours in the Deep South
old feathered trees

Dearest wandering wildebeest
dig up water holes

Bronze hearts, glass petitioner
loves cycle seasons

Wild ginger and bitter berries
refrozen continents

Mornings of red-tailed hawks
circling all hearts

Bardo becomes sky between
when sun shines

Mortgaged women rewrite us
telling it out slant

Fresh delicious shooting stars
shape our words

Joyous world! sweet as pickle
and clean as a pig

. . . . .

Poet: Susan Powers Bourne
Source: Titles by Rosemary Daniell, Theresa Davis,
Georgia Douglas Johnson, Irene Latham, Carson
McCullers, Susanne Antonetta Paola, Bettie Sellers
Process: Pick and mix cento