IL | Souvenirs



the virgin formica
vertigo seeks affinities

best of real things
playing on party trains

writing on the winds
why plant bougainvillea

half angel, half lunch
annoying diabetic brunch

constituents of matter
ladies, start your engines

seven newer generations
kitchen-dweller’s testimony

finer transparency of skin
suicide lessons on expulsion

street chants and rhymes
the tallest tree in the forest

she’s glad to be humanist
no boundaries closer today

dark kingdoms of debtors
nine months contemplating

fire circles sharper miracles
hagioscope turns about points

minds flow free: what to say
children who are already here

interludes milking a cow
telling the horses anything

souvenirs: uncertain grace
nascent rights render silence

. . . . .

Poet: Susan Powers Bourne
Source: Illinois Women Poets
Process: Pick and mix cento