MA | Odd — or Even?

Odd — or Even?

Is it this simple?
let there be light.

Long trips to Parnassus
— from our pagan lands

Daffodils dot the way
— pansies as thought

Footsteps upon the sea:
love restores wet lands

Bird-talk in wild-woods
reflects upon each sense

Prairie-mountain views:
calendars and orchards

Memoirs of life and death
–poems by former slaves

Mercy brought us back again
–refills bedighted family folds

Inhale, open to new mystery
–lullabies for grown-up folks

This time, let child-memories
carry us far, far beyond night.

. . . . .

Poet: Susan Powers Bourne
Sources: Massachusetts Women Poets
Process: Pick-and-mix-and-add cento