FL | Eros Unscrambled

Eros Unscrambled 

Invitations to the past  —
and to the 1002nd night.

Blank country politics —
exquisite poetics – smile!

Men, women, and ghosts —
two august queens for a day.

Kinky how the sky fell down —
inside novel little girl soldiers.

God by herself in western art —
Sarx, Our Lady of All-Who-Sing.

She becomes lifetime musings —
a girl poet’s blow-out, ka-ching!

Off-season at the world’s edge —
family deserts, atomic daughters.

Cartography illustrates minions —
normal streets, moveable islands.

Filled with hard iron grace notes —
anyone can make heaven on earth.

. . . . .

Poet: Susan Powers Bourne
Source: Work titles by Brown,
Duhamel, Greger, and Henry
Process: Pick and mix cento