UK | Deep Weather Stations

05 Deep Weather

Deep Weather Stations

Explore consequences:
scarred landscapes, vast damage
seen in ashen contours.

A whispering voice-over
and harsh drone of acid winds
set this apocalyptic scene.

“Toxic clouds over boreal
woods continue to warm
and swell sullen seas.”

Futures become present
while prices are paid —
and subjects reap benefits.

North and south everywhere
borders are no limits
for world weather systems.

People use their bare hands
to build up defenses —
against these rising seas —

fearlessly facing untamed
but not unnamed destructions
of current mass pollution.

So, yes, it is quite true —
the fragilities of civilizations
continue to expand.

. . . . .

Poet: Susan Powers Bourne
Source: Deep Weather | 
Process: Redacted montage