UK | Brave All Silly Souls

AVA 18 C & C

Brave All Silly Souls

Act as if one spirit lives —
Activate each discount code

Buy five fuzzy kissing balls
Bring more boring clothing

Chop up nine nutty frozen buns
Crochet seven sequined penguins

Free five hundred foreign families
Find rooms for a thousand refugees

Kiss a peck of bagpipers, but
Knit no new ornaments

Lighten up the grumpy kids
Locate the homeless ones

Mend old holey advent vests
Migrate every calendar year

Notice how the snowflakes fall
Nurture nature’s wounded souls

Wander broader wonderlands
And, wish for shorter holidays

. . . . .

Poet: Susan Powers Bourne
Source: C & C Advent Calendar
and Pinterest Christmas Jumpers
Process: Pick and mix and refine