07 jul 30 | women.born.today

Emma Millinda Gillett (30 jul 1852 – 23 jan 1927 | Princeton WI – Washington DC) lawyer, club woman, National Woman’s Party member, women’s law education activist / advocate, first female Notary Public appointed by US President

Julia Henrietta Gulliver (30 jul 1856 – 25 jul 1940 Norwich CT – Eustis FL) author, educator, philosopher, Rockford College president, second American woman awarded PhD.

Lucy Angeline Bacon (30 jul 1857 – 17 oct 1932 | Pitcairn NY – San Francisco CA) artist, art teacher, American Impressionist

Elzabeth Ross Haynes (30 jul 1883 – 26 oct 1953 | Mount Willing AL – New York NY) author, YWCA activist / advocate, social reformer / researcher

Bertha Fanning Taylor (30 jul 1883 – 03 jul 1980 | New York NY – Norfolk VA) curator, painter, author, educator, art critic, illustrator, art historian

Blanche Wolf Knopf (30 jul 1894 – 04 jun 1966 | New York NY – New York NY) editor, publisher, memoirist

Dorise Winifred Webber Nielsen (30 jul 1902 – 09 dec 1980 | London UK – Beijing, China) English-Canadian teacher, feminist, Communist Party of Canada member

Betye Irene Saar (30 jul 1926 – Los Angeles CA) African-American assemblage artist, member of Black Arts Movement

Jean Griswold (30 jul 1930 – US) author, literary figure, entrepreneur, elder care activist, former high school guidance counselor, founded Griswold Home Care for elderly and disabled (largest private non-medical home care company in US)

Shirley Sears Chater (30 jul 1932 – Shamokin PA) nurse, writer, educational administrator, US government official, former Commissioner of US Social Security

Eleanor Marie Cutri Smeal (30 jul 1939 – Ashtabula OH) author, speaker, lobbyist,   social activist, political analyst, feminist leader, grassroots organizer, co-founded Feminist Majority Foundation, past-president NOW (National Organization for women)

Alice Azure (30 jul 1940 – North Adams MA) poet, Mi’kmaq Métis writer

Patricia Nell Scott [Pat] Schroeder (30 jul 1940 – Portland OR) former teacher, memoirist, former state politician, first female elected to Congress in Colorado

Joan Halifax (30 jul 1942 – Hanover NH) author, Zen Buddhist, ecologist, anthropologist, hospice caregiver, civil rights activist, founding abbot and teacher at Upaya Zen [Peacemaker] Center in Santa Fe NM

Mary [Mimi] Gardner Gates (30 jul 1943 – US) author, curator, art historian, Director of Seattle Art Museum

Anne Fausto-Sterling (30 jul 1944 – Queens NY) author, sexologist, professor of biology and gender studies

Barbara Kopple (30 jul 1946 – New York NY) film director, documentary filmmaker

Margo Sappington (30 jul 1947 – Baytown TX) ballet dancer, choreographer

Alexina Louie (30 jul 1949 – Vancouver, British Columbia) Canadian composer of contemporary art music

Pamela Powers Hanley (30 jul 1951 – Amherst OH) blogger, activist, politician, state legislator, social media / technology editor of American Journal of Medicine

Susan Alice Buffett (30 jul 1953 – Omaha NE) heiress, philanthropist, children / family / education activist

Debra Waples (30 jul 1953 – Cincinnati OH) fencer, former captain US fencing team

Concetta M. Tomaino (30 jul 1954 – New York NY) musician, music therapist for those with degenerative neurological diseases

Maureen Corrigan (30 jul 1955 – New York NY) author, journalist, literary critic

Delta Ramonah Leah Burke (30 jul 1956 – Orlando FL) author, actress, producer

Anita Faye Hill (30 jul 1956 – Lone Tree OK) author, attorney, social / legal activist, US national political scandal figure / witness

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