07 jul 31 | women.born.today

Sarah Alden Bradford Ripley (31 jul 1793 – 26 jul 1827 | Boston MA – Concord MA) scholar, educator, Unitarian, intellectual, letter correspondent

Jane Currie Blaikie [A.K.] Hoge (31 jul 1811 – 26 aug 1890 | Philadelphia PA – Chicago IL) author, fundraiser, welfare worker, Civil War administer of Chicago Sanitary Commission, co-founded Chicago Home for the Friendless

Lydia Moss Bradley (31 jul 1816 – 16 jan 1908 | Vevay IN – Peoria IL) social activist, college founder, philanthropist, independent financial manager, founded Bradley Polytechnic Institute

Sarah J. Garnet (31 jul 1831 – 17 sep 1911 | Brooklyn NY – Brooklyn NY) author, educator, suffragist, seamstress, school principal, educational activist

Amelia Stone Quinton (31 jul 1833 – 23 jun 1926 | Jamesville NY – Ridgefield Park NJ) Native American rights activist / advocate / organizer

Marion Talbot (31 jul 1858 – 20 oct 1948 | Thun, Switzerland – Chicago IL) author, educator, college president, domestic science teacher, women’s rights activist, co-founded American Association of University Women (AAUW)

Mary Morris Vaux Walcott (31 jul 1860 – 22 aug 1940 | Philadelphia PA – St Andrews, New Brunswick) artist, naturalist, wildflower watercolorist

Helen Barrett Montgomery (31 jul 1861 – 19 oct 1934 | Kingsville OH – Summit NJ) educator, social reformer, missions activist, philanthropist, Bible translator, non-fiction writer, children’s magazine editor, autobiographical author

Margarete Bieber (31 jul 1879 – 25 feb 1978 | Schönau, German Empire – New Canaan CT) Jewish-German-American author, professor, art historian, classical archaeologist

Mollie Moon (31 jul 1908 – 24 jun 1990 | Hattiesburg MS – Queens NY) civil rights / community activist, founder / president National Urban League Guild

Julieta Pinto (31 jul 1921 – San Jose, Costa Rica) author, educator, civic activist, short fiction writer, professor of Hispanic literature, founded School of Literature and Language Studies (Escuela de Literatura y Ciencias del Lenguaje)

Mildred T. Stahlman (31 jul 1922 – Nashville TN) essayist, researcher, professor pediatrics and pathology, founded first newborn intensive care unit in the world, initiated Angel Transport mobile intensive-care for newborns

Necia H. Apfel (31 jul 1930 – Highland Park IL) author, educator, astronomer

Carol J. Clover (31 jul 1940 – US) author, professor of film studies, rhetoric language, Scandinavian mythology, developed ‘final girl’ theory about gender in horror films

Rita Clay Estrada (31 jul 1941 – Michigan US) author, romance novelist, pen names: Rita Clay, Tira Lacy, Rita Clay Estrada

Charlene Rosella Drew Jarvis (31 jul 1941 – Washington DC) educator, university president, neuropsychologist, former politician and scientific researcher

Susan Cheever (31 jul 1943 – New York NY) author, essayist, historian, memoirist, professor, biographer, focus on families and alcoholism

Joan Lazzarani (31 jul 1943 – Brighton UK) British-born American painter, sculptor, musician, club DJ, illustrator, screenprinter, performance artist

Sheila Ann Cowan Martin (31 jul 1943 – Windsor, Ontario) literary advocate, former First Lady of Canada, former member Politics and the Pen funding Canadian writers

Sherry Lee Duhl Lansing (31 jul 1944 – Chicago IL) producer, former actress, film studio executive, first female to head Hollywood movie studio as president 20th Century Fox

Marion Sherman [Mimi] Goldman (31 jul 1945 – US) author, professor of sociology and religious studies, new religious movements researcher

Karen Elva Zerby (31 jul 1946 – Camden NJ) former stenographer, new religious movement leader, head of The Family International (TFI) [formerly the Children of God], aka Maria, Mama Maria, Maria David, Queen Maria, legally changed name to Katherine Rianna Smith (1997)

Dindga McCannon (31 jul 1947 – Harlem NY) African-American artist, quilter, author, illustrator, self-taught intuitive fiber artist

Ellen Evert Hopman (31 jul 1952 – Salzburg, Austria) Austrian-American author, novelist, herbalist, lecturer, lay homeopath, writing teacher, mental health counselor, focus on Druidry and Paganism

Faye Marder Kellerman (31 jul 1952 – St. Louis MO) mystery novelist, dental surgeon, practicing Orthodox Jew

Lynne Rae Perkins (31 jul 1956 – Cheswick PA) novelist, children’s author /  illustrator

Chela Sandoval (31 jul 1956 – San Jose CA) author, essayist, feminist, associate professor of Chicana Studies, noted theorist of postcolonial and third world feminism

Jane Bennett (31 jul 1957 – US) author, essayist, lecturer, professor of political science, Political Theory journal editor, focus on ‘vital materialism’ ontological relationship between humans and things

Alison Maclean (31 jul 1958 – Ottawa, Ontario) music videos, short films, television film director

Mary Travers Murphy (31 jul 1958 – Orchard Park NY) former town surpervisor, former consumer affairs broadcast journalist, current executive director of Family Justice Center of Erie County

Serene Jones (31 jul 1959 – New Haven CT) author, editor, essayist, first female president and former professor of Religion and Democracy at Union Theological Seminary, former chair of Gender, Woman, and Sexuality Studies at Yale University

Karen Prell (31 jul 1959 – Florida US) puppeteer, computer animator

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