08 aug 20 | women.born.today

Maria Louise Pool (20 aug 1841 – 18 may 1898 | Rockland MA – Rockland MA) author, social novelist, magazine writer

Margaret Clay Ferguson (20 aug 1863 – 28 aug 1951 | Orleans NY – San Diego CA) author, botanist, first woman president Botanical Society of America

Caroline Risque Janis (20 aug 1883 – 09 apr 1952 | St Louis MO – St Louis MO) painter, sculptor, member of The Potters’ Wheel group of artists and writers

Rose Hum Lee (20 aug 1904 – 24 mar 1964) author, sociologist, researcher, short story writer, first female Chinese-American sociology department head

Jacqueline Susann (20 aug 1918 – 21 sep 1974 | Philadelphia PA – New York NY) novelist

Alice Rowe Burks (20 aug 1920 – East Cleveland OH) children’s book author, electronic computer historian

Ursula Bailey Marvin (20 aug 1921 – Bradford VT) author, retired planetary geologist

Janie Thompson (20 aug 1921 – 01 jun 2013 | Malta ID – Orem UT) LDS professor, performer, Mormon missionary in Wales, founding director BYU Young Ambassadors and BYU Living Legends performance groups

Anne Edwards (20 aug 1927 – Port Chester NY) novelist, biographer, children’s book writer, autobiographical author

Nikki Keddie (20 aug 1930 – Brooklyn NY) author, orientalist, former professor of Eastern, Iranian, and women’s history

Martha Rivers Ingram (20 aug 1935 – Charleston SC) patron of arts, philanthropist, business executive, chair Vanderbilt University board

Barbara Anne Cameron (20 aug 1938 – Nanaimo, British Columbia) poet, novelist, screenwriter, short fiction writer, aka Cam Hubert and Anne Cameron, focus on Canadian First Nations’ culture and mythology

Alison Liebhafsky Des Forges (20 aug 1942 – 12 feb 2009 | Schenectady NY – Clarence Center NY) author, historian, human rights activist

Jacquelyn Jeanne [Jackie] Mayer (20 aug 1942 – Sandusky OH) author, stroke victim, motivational speaker, health activist / spokeswoman

Martha Amanda Field (20 aug 1943 – US) author, law professor, family / bioethics / constitutional law scholar, mentally ill rights advocate

Constance Yu-Hwa Chung Povich (20 aug 1946 – Washington DC) reporter, news anchor, broadcast journalist, aka Connie Chung and Connie Povich

Delaine Eastin (20 aug 1947 – San Diego CA) author, publisher, politician, women’s studies / political science professor, CA Superintendent of Public Instruction

Ann Moura (20 aug 1947 – US) author, archivist, history teacher, US Navy Lieutenant, metaphysical store owner, Green Witchcraft activist / practitioner

Marva Dawn (20 aug 1948 – Napolean OH) Christian author, educator, musician, theologian, paleo-orthodox writer, teaching fellow in spiritual theology, Christians Equipped for Ministry parachurch organization member

Heather McHugh (20 aug 1948 – San Diego CA) poet, editor, essayist, educator, translator, caregiver-respite provider

Nancy Jane LeCompte (20 aug 1948 – Massachusetts US) romance novelist, pen names: Jane Ashford and Jane LeCompte

Chase Twichell (20 aug 1950 – New Haven CT) poet, professor, publisher, founded Ausable Press

Gloria Brame (20 aug 1955 – US) author, sex therapist, clinical sexologist

Patricia Rozema (20 aug 1958 – Kingston, Ontario) writer, editor, producer, film director, former member of Toronto New Wave group of filmmakers

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