05 may 25 | women.born.today

Cary Fink Baynes (25 may 1883 – 1977 | Mexico City, Mexico – Switzerland) American author, translator, pioneer Jungian analyst, I Ching specialist

Leta Stetter Hollingworth (25 may 1886 – 27 nov 1939 | Dawes County NE – New York NY) author, psychological researcher

Sue Shelton White (25 may 1887 – 06 may 1943 | Henderson TN – Washington DC) editor, author, lawyer, reformer, suffragist, public official, National Women’s Party leader

Clara Porset (25 may 1895 – 17 may 1981 | Matanzas, Cuba – Los Angeles CA) Cuban-American design educator, interior designer, furniture designer, female designer scholarship award founder

Ida B. Kinney (25 may 1904 – 01 jan 2009 | Lewisville AK – Lake View Terrace CA) educator, Head Start founder, civil rights activist

Dorothy Louise Burnett Porter Wesley (25 may 1905 – 17 dec 1995 | Warrenton VA – Broward Country FL) curator, scholar, librarian, bibliographer

Mary Dublin Keyserling (25 may 1910 – 11 jun 1997 | New York NY – McLean VA) author, economist, federal official, social welfare activist

Brownie Mae Humphrey Wise (25 may 1913 – 24 sep 1992 | Buford GA – Kissimmee FL) pioneering saleswoman, developed ‘party plan’ marketing system, vice-president of Tupperware Home Parties

Dorothy Sarnoff (25 may 1914 – 24 dec 2008 | Brooklyn NY – New York NY) soprano, self-help author, speech consultant

Maria Gomori (25 may 1920 – Canada) author, family therapist, systems family pioneer, social work / psychiatric training innovator, foremost living international proponent of Satir Method for Family Therapy

Beverly Sills (25 may 1929 – 02 jul 2007 | Brooklyn NY – Manhattan NY) aka Bubbles, American diva, born Belle Miriam Silverman, operatic coloratura, arts advocate and administrator, children’s radio show host, general manager of New York City Opera

Joyce Carol Thomas (25 may 1938 – 13 aug 2016 |  Ponca City OK – Stanford CA) poet, author, speaker, playwright

Yvonna Sessions Lincoln (25 may 1944 – Tampa FL) author, qualitative methodologist, higher education scholar, social science researcher, Distinguished Professor of Higher Education and Human Resource Development

Louise Jones Gopher (25 may 1945 – Fort Pierce Seminole Camp FL) first female Seminole to earn BA, former director of education for Seminole Tribe of Florida

Janet Morris (25 may 1946 – US) author, horsewoman, defense analyst, historical / speculative fiction novelist, non-lethal weapons consultant for US military

Lucille Susan Salhany (25 may 1946 – Cleveland OH) media executive, Jordanian-Lebanese American, aka Lucie Mady Salhany and Lucille Salhany Polcari, founded United Paramount Network, first female head of tv network, first Chairwoman of Fox Broadcasting Company

Catherine G. Wolf (25 may 1947 – Washington DC) author, essayist, psychologist, artificial intelligence and collaboration specialist, human-computer interaction expert, ALS / Lou Gherig’s disease researcher

Jamaica Kincaid (25 may 1949 – St. John’s, Antigua) novelist, memoirist, essayist, gardener, gardening writer, born Elaine Cynthia Potter Richardson, professor of African and American Studies at Harvard

Eve Ensler (25 may 1953 – New York NY) activist, author, feminist, playwright, performance artist

Jane Greer (25 may 1953 – US) poet, writing teacher, Plains Poetry Journal founder, former civil servant for State of North Dakota

Linda MacLennan Rammelt (25 may 1956 – Toronto, Ontario) American reporter, broadcast journalist, former tv news anchor

Marusya Bociurkiw (25 may 1958 – Edmonton, Alberta) Ukrainian-Canadian poet, activist, novelist, memoirist, professor, filmmaker, film director, short fiction author, media studies scholar, media organizations founder and co-founder

Dorothy Elmhirst Straight (25 may 1958 – Washington DC) children’s writer, one of youngest published authors

Lori Bryant-Woolridge (25 may 1958 – Arkansas US) author, speaker, anthologist, chick lit novelist, Chinese-African-American, co-founded Mothers Off Duty non-profit, teen pregnancy prevention advocate

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