Mine is a difficult story to tell — recall — or retell. Memories only come to me in bits and pieces, though I believe all my life experiences have been recorded in intricate detail in my being somewhere. I have learned to trust that memories have their own timetables and ways in which to reveal themselves to me, or through me. I may (or may not) choose to relive or revisit certain life events. My hope is this: that whenever memories resurface, they can also be defragmented. My vision: this kind of mental-emotional-spiritual defragmentation process can help free up and reorganize partial, scattered, or suppressed memories so they may become re-integrated into the whole beautiful fabric of being. As many may already know, this process offers some of the most challenging work that any individual can do during this life. This kind of self-healing repair work requires — and, yes, demands — a gentle, well-supported, yet unrelenting internal fearlessness. I now honor, recognize, and accept this, even as I continue to create — and recreate — who I am — who I have been and who I will be. I now move through each decade of my life with abundance and gratitude. If any of what I share here resonates with you or helps you in any way, I am happy. May all be safe, happy, free from harm, and follow their own unique self-healing path.

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